Corona Virus update

**Due to COVID-19 the Builder’s Show has been canceled


I wanted to take a moment and address the current status of the Grassfield Flying Club and concerns over the Coronavirus. At this point I would certainly hope that you are all taking precautions to keep yourselves, your family and the rest of the community safe by following the guidelines set forth by the CDC. I know many of you are getting tired of sitting home and could use a bit of fresh air. I have some good news. As of now, the Grassfield flying site will remain open for members only. Please know that if you do visit the flying site, you are doing so at your own risk. We ask that any member who visits the Grassfield be extra safe and exercise good common sense. We caution you to adhere to the social distance rules outlined by the CDC.

Governor Waltz has asked MN residents to avoid social gatherings of more than 10 people. That was intended for indoor social gatherings but still I want to warn you all that it is essential the Grassfield Flying Site does not become overly crowded.

During this time, we advise members to do the following.

· Most importantly, FOLLOW THE SOCIAL DISTANCE GUIDELINES RECOMMENDED BY THE CDC. Do your best to distance yourself at least 6 feet from one another.

· Please reframe from using the firepit. I realize it’s still cold out and a warm fire is great to warm the hands, but this is where people congregate in close proximity.

· Minimize your usage of club tables, chairs, and touching of the fence and flying stations. We have no way to sanitize these items, so it would be best if you all avoid them. If you plan to visit the field in the upcoming weeks, I recommend you bring your own portable table and chair for use during your visit. Set up next to your vehicle and keep your distance from other members. Note that pilots should still fly while standing behind the PVC flying stations. Just try to avoid touching them.

· We recommend limiting your time at the field. This is not the time to spend the entire day at the Grassfield. Please try to limit your time to a couple hours. Should more than 10 people gather at the field and you have been able to get a couple flights in we ask that you leave in order to give others a turn of flying.

· Beware of using the Porta Potty. It is not being serviced at this time and service will not begin till later this Spring. As of now, there is no hand sanitizer in the Porta Potty, and I doubt there is toilet paper as well. I recommend just staying clear of it. As I mentioned previously, limit your time at the field.

I do not have an answer yet on if we will be holding the April 10th Builders Show. It does not look likely, but I will keep you all posted when we can confirm an answer.

Stay safe out there everyone! I look forward to better days when we can all hangout and enjoy our wonderful hobby together. Hopefully very soon!

Paul Johnson

Grassfield President

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