Important Note regarding pumpkin field

Attention Grassfield Members. This is a very important announcement.
The field surrounding our flying site is being used to grow pumpkins.
The rows of pumpkin plants are now growing together, and the leaves are standing very tall at the top of each row.
Walking through them is difficult and extremely dangerous to the pumpkin plants themselves.
What you must understand is that the pumpkin vines are fragile.
They should not be disturbed and absolutely under no circumstances, stepped on!
If you step on a vine, you can easily kill that vine and all the pumpkins attached to it.
The farmer has come to me and explained that he is concerned about us walking through the pumpkins to retrieve downed aircraft.
He has invested a very large amount of time and money into these pumpkins.
A careless short walk through the pumpkin patch could potentially and very easily cost him thousands of dollars in lost pumpkins.
We CAN NOT let this happen!
Going forward, until the pumpkins are harvested, I want everyone to stay out of the pumpkins unless absolutely necessary.
If your aircraft goes down into the pumpkins, It must be retrieved with extreme caution.
Please use the following tips to retrieve aircraft.
· Locate your aircraft first, before entering the pumpkin field.
If you crash at any of the far ends of the field, (I.e North, South or East ends) then either walk completely around or get in your vehicle and drive around the outside of the pumpkin field. From outside of the pumpkin field look down each row and see if you can spot it before entering.
· If you can spot it from outside the field, then walk via straight down the middle of a single row the aircraft is in
. Use extreme caution to watch every step carefully so that you don’t step on any vines or disturb any flowers
· If you crash in the middle, (within close proximity of our Grassfield site) then you can very carefully
follow a path from the North end of the field. Look for the blue irrigation pipe and follow that path.
From this path you can look left and right to see down the rows.
· If you can not see your aircraft from the far outside ends or from the middle, then do not walk any further.
Contact either one of our safety officers or myself and we will get a drone up to search for your aircraft.
If you crash far out in the pumpkins and it looks to be a hard find, then contact us immediately.
· No more than two people in the pumpkins to retrieve an aircraft. We must keep the amount of people out there to a minimum.
Yes this is how we used to retrieve our aircraft when there was soybeans, corn and hay. But this cannot happen now.
· If you crash your aircraft and are unable to see it or safely access it then please report it to either myself or one of our field safety officers immediately. It will be best if we search for your model via a drone then find the safest path to retrieve it.

Paul Johnson -612-655-1808
Sean Haugen (Safety Officer) 763-300-1827
Charly Skalbeck (Safety Officer) 218-310-4507
I’m putting together a list of members who can assist with drone search and rescue. I’ll provide an update with this list soon. If you have a drone and can help out, please contact me with your phone number so I can add you to the rescue response list.
Dana Sears has offered search and rescue with his drone. Dana can be reached at 612-425-7245
Sorry for the long email, but I can not stress this enough. We have to be extremely cautious about retrieving any downed models. The farmer has been very kind to us and I will not tolerate anyone being destructive to his field. So please help me to get the word out, be cautious of crashing into the pumpkins and retrieving models. Our future at our beloved flying site is counting on it.
Thank you,

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Author: grassfldrc