I joined the club way way back in the 70’s. I haven’t flown for years.
I am cleaning house and have some engines that I want to sell.
They are: O.S. Four Stroke FL-70 Brand New, Never run.
O.S. 90F SR Brand New, Never run.
Super Tigre 60 Used
OS 60 Used
I am interested in an offer.
Tom Legierski
I am downsizing and need to offload a bunch of planes. All of them have Spektrum receivers and gyros.
They all fly perfectly and most are in good to pristine condition unless otherwise noted.
I have batteries for all for an added cost. I’m getting more into helicopters and only want to keep a few planes.
See below for the list of planes:
-Eflite Pitts S-1S biplane- 199 originally – modified landing gear (more durable).150
-rochobby p-39 cobra with admiral receiver with gyro (204 + 35). 175
-Freewing Avanti performance (355) with afterburner (lightburner 50)with admiral receiver (35) -325
-Freewing F-4 6s (outrunner version) Camo new in box 499 – 375
-Eflite f-4 – (kind of beat up but flies fine) 200
-Flightline seafury (229)with performance motor (60). – 225
-freewing A-10 80 mm custom painted and weathered (599) with 9 channel Spektrum receiver and satellites (80) and eagle gyro (32) – 500

-freewing custom painted f-16 – red, white, and black (259) with 9 channel Spektrum receiver and satellites (80) and eagle gyro (32) – 275
-freewing f-16 Arctic camo performance (259) with spektrum safe receiver for eflite f-16 (75) – 275
-durafly EFX racer (149) with admiral stabilty plus receiver (35) – 130
-eflite p-51 custom silver painted (279) – 200
-freewing a-10 64 mm (255) with receiver (45) and hobby eagle gyro (22) – 225
-Freewing 64 mm f-18 (139) with receiver (30) – 100
-Freewing 64 f-22 (149) with lemon stability receiver (35) – 125
-eflite 64 f-16 touch of Texas (discontinued) – 175
-eflite conscendo (199) – 170
-eflite allusive fiberglass glider – with soft case. Electric motor, servos (spendy for wing servos), Spektrum forward programming receiver (79), soft transport case (700 into it at least) – 500
-eflite Aerostar with transmitter and visibility paint (underside of wing painted black) (199) – 160
Nexa P-47 Razorback (new airframe) 309 originally – would do 230
—Blade 480 fusion
I carefully built this heli last fall after waiting for it to come off backorder
(it is now on backorder again until at least June) I bought smart super combo kit which came with the Spektrum FBL
with forward programming and the Spektrum smart ESC.
it is pretty sweet to be able to tweak all the gyro settings from the transmitter with forward programming.
Anyways, weather turned and I hovered the machine once and put it away fir the season (I live in Minnesota).
I bought the stretch kit as well. I bought spares in almost everything as well.
I decided now to build a Kraken and I shouldn’t keep both. So I am selling the following:
-Fully assembled blade 480 fusion with smart ESC FBL (749.00)
-550 stretch kit (129.00)
-installed 480 and spare 480 x1 and 550 x 2 main blades
-spare tail and main grips, rotor head block, belt, main gear,tail shaft, pushrod, anti rotation guide, grip arm,
tail pushrod guide, bearings upper amd lower servo mounts with main bearings, tail belt guide x 2, micro heli A-type skids
so total new for all listed was about 1,325. So this is basically brand new and ready to go.
These are all great deals – Please no low ball offers.
Call or text Pete at (218) 340-7680

Hi Grassfield Members
Trying to reduce my inventory of RC planes. The following are for sale:
Eflite Viper 70MM EDF Jet PNP $200.00
Eflite Cirrus SR22T 1500mm BNF $185.00
Eflite UMX PT-17 BNF $ 70.00
FMS F-15 V2 64MM EDF PNP or BNF $100.00 or $150.00
Contact Dana Sears if you are interested. energysystemscnslt@comcast.net or Mobile 612-425-7245.

Hi everyone!
Trying to make some room so I am selling planes some planes at reasonable prices.Some are new or have few flights.
Some selling for half there original cost.
This is just a list of a few.I have more but this is a start.
Take a look and if you find something of interest,send me a text and I can get you more info and pictures.
All planes are PNP but receivers can be added if desired.
FMS Typhoon 1100mm. Test flown only. $125
Custom Parkzone P-47 1100mm. Modified to razorback with Parkflyer Plastics kit. Custom painted and weathered. $145
FMS Stuka winter scheme 1100mm $125
Eflite T-28 1200mm Custom French Fennic dessert camo scheme.$125
EMI P-38 41″ wingspan. Parkflyer no gear handlaunch. War weary weathering. $75
Hobbyking Yak 52 yellow version 1200mm $125
Tower P-51 1100mm $75
Discontinued hard to find PT-22 silver/yellow. 3s 1800-2200. $125
Electrifly Fokker D-7 parkflyer. Extra fiberglass cowling and spare parts. $100
Freewing FW-190 version 1. 3s power. 1100mm $100
Art Tech AT-6 Wood spar added to correct factory weakness in wing. 1200mm $125
Sport acro planes
Skylark sport/pattern $100
Multiplex Pilatus PC-6 Cub Balloon tires added $125
Dynam Sukhoi SU-26 1200mm yellow/blue $100
Eflite Funtana X $100
25 size Super Sportster set up for 4s $120
3D Hobbyshop Edge 540 :”buck huck” Orange version 4s $125
Eflite Sport Cub v1 red/white $75
Contact: Shane Fleming by text for questions/pictures 952-836-7351.
Discount if you buy more than one plane.