This page is for posting for sale RC airplane and related.

If you have something to sell please send to grassfldrc@aol.com Thank you

Good Evening Grassfield RC,
My brother passed away 2 weeks ago after his 3rd bout with brain cancer.
When we were growing up he loved building and flying RC planes.
In cleaning out his house we found 1 remaining plane. It is in great shape.
Still has the motor. Am not seeing any servos.
Looks like a Piper Cub?
I’m looking to sell it. I would like to see it go to someone who will fly it again.
My info is below. Feel free to call me anytime.
Brian W. Tice
1702 3rd Ave
Anoka, MN 55303

Hi Grassfield Members
Trying to reduce my inventory of RC planes. The following are for sale:
Eflite Maule M-7 1500mm BNF with Floats, Assembled and Tested $200.00
Eflite Viper 70MM EDF Jet PNP $200.00
Eflite Cirrus SR22T 1500mm BNF $185.00
Eflite UMX PT-17 BNF $ 70.00
FMS F-15 V2 64MM EDF PNP or BNF $100.00 or $150.00
Contact me if you are interested. energysystemscnslt@comcast.net or Mobile 612-425-7245.
Mr. Dana A Sears, P.E.
My son is grown up and he wants to give away all of his flying stuff.
It’s been in our garage for 10 years but it still is in good shape.
Tom Berg
Hudson WI
715 523 0578


I am sending you this Email because I have a Transmitter that one of your members might be interested in purchasing.
It is a Spektrum DX10t new in the box. See attached photo. It belonged to a good friend of mine that passed away last September unexpectedly at age 55. He had it for 9 months and never used it.
New ones retail for about $1,280. I am asking $900 and I will ship it for free to whomever buys it.
It comes with four modules: L1; L2; R1 & R3 but it does not have an AR 9020 Receiver.
Please circulate this offer to your members and have anyone interested Email me at the above address or call me at 952-210-2230.
Thank you,
Tim Crain

Trying to declutter the garage :). Here are some planes I’d like to sell: offers accepted as well

-Eflite timber x – virtually new – 200
-Flightline sea fury performance (two bladed propwith bigger ESC and motor – would give the 4-blades prop and lower power system as well – 200
-freewing bae hawk performance – 175
-Eflite f-16 70 mm with upgraded freewing trailing like nose gear – 200
-p-39 new in box (yellow roc hobby version), -Freewing f-4 camo 6s new in box
-F-35 freewing,
-eflite wildcat (e flite) with 2 batteries -100
fms f-18 70 mm – 175 with spare parts
64 mm f-18 freewing 100
-Red EFXtra racer NIB – 120
-Yellow roc hobby p-39 – NIB – 175

All are negotiable
Peter Mellema pete091@gmail.com