1.       You must understand and follow the current AMA rules.

2.       Current AMA, FAA and Grassfield RC Club memberships is required to fly.  (Guests may fly on a limited basis. See guest rules below)


1.       Members must either wear or have their current Grassfield Membership Card VISIBLE WHILE FLYING. Please attach your member card to your shirt, pants, hat, transmitter, or transmitter strap. (Just so long as it is visible while you are flying.)

2.       Members who fly using FM Radio channels please place Membership card on the Frequency Board at the number which corresponds to his or her channel.


1.       Grassfield open flying hours for club members are: 10am -Sunset (Monday through Saturday)

2.       Sunday hours are: 12pm – Sunset. No flying OF ANY MODELS on Sunday mornings until after 12 noon.  (Please respect the churches next to the field.)

3.       No flying of gas/glow powered models before 10am Monday thru Saturday.  All models may be flown after 10:00 am until Sunset.  Please be respectful of our neighbors for noise.

4.       Grassfield is open for Early Morning flying to club members from 8am to 10am for Electric Flight Only.

·         This time slot is limited to smaller electric aircraft

·         Maximum of 60 Inch wingspan and smaller aircraft allowed

·         Maximum of 4 cell batteries

·         Absolutely NO giant scale electric aircraft or gas/glow-powered aircraft during this time.

5.       Night flying after sunset will be permitted for “electric lighted models” so long as it does not become a nuisance.  Make sure the model is well lighted.  (Spot light or flashlight flying is not allowed)


1.       All flyers must observe NO-FLY ZONES, Please do not fly over any: ROADS, HIGHWAY 169 & 610 or BUILDINGS.

2.       Please do not fly over PIT AND SPECTATOR AREAS.  Keep your models in front of the orange safety barrier flight line.

3.       Pilots please stand behind an orange safety barrier while flying.  Do not stand in front of it or in the middle of the taxi ways. (Exception for combat and pylon racers who stand on the field while flying)

4.       When other pilots are flying, please conform to the current flight pattern, especially on TAKE-OFF and LANDING and announce your intent, i.e. “TAKING OFF LEFT TO RIGHT”, “LANDING FROM THE RIGHT”, “DEAD-STICK”, “ON THE FIELD”, “AIRPLANE OUT OF CONTROL”, etc.

5.       After your flight, only taxi back to the orange pilot’s safety fences. At that point, shut down your engine or unplug your battery then either wheel or carry your plane back to the pit area.

6.       If you are flying with another pilot and If for whatever reason you are unable to taxi back to the orange fence, (i.e. plane has tipped over, crash landed, engine died, etc.) make certain to announce “ON THE FIELD” or ask permission of the other pilot before you retrieve your model.  Do not walk out on an active field without letting the other pilots know your intentions.


1.       Tuesday is our designated training day. If you fly on Tuesday please allow students and their instructors extra turns for flying without crowding the airspace.  Be sure to set a good example by paying special attention to the club rules and help the newcomer with his or her equipment.

2.       Beginners must fly with experienced pilots until they can take off, fly, and land safely.


1.       Use extreme caution when running up engines at full throttle; propellers may break or fly off. Point your model away from other people, both to the front and to the side. Full RPM run-up should be done in the area at or slightly in front of the orange  safety fences with the propeller parallel to the fences.

2.       Mufflers are required on engines .19 c.i.d. and larger

3.       When breaking in engines, use the area immediately south of the parking lot.


1.       Electric airplanes should be armed at the flight line.  Please reframe from arming any electric models at the tables behind the pit area.  Carry your plane to the orange safety fence or taxi way, then plug the battery in.


1.       All members should treat fellow pilots and others with respect.

2.       If you see another Pilot breaking any rules, do not scold or shout at them. This is especially important if they are still flying.

·         Example; Don’t shout at a pilot if he/she accidently fly’s over the pit area. They likely already know they made a mistake and your shouting could scare them and make the situation worse.

·         Engaging in arguments with other club members will not be tolerated.  If you find that someone is breaking a rule, you may remind them of the rule, (calmly) after they have landed.  Or if you feel they are not listening or being dangerous please contact the club safety officer, (or a board member) and we will address your concerns.

3.       Max of 4 planes in the air at one time.  If there are more than 4 pilots with models in the air, ask for permission to join the group or wait until one lands to take off. (exception for Combat, Pylon racing, events etc.)

4.       Please take turns flying.  We understand there are days in which you may have limited time to fly, however we encourage you to take a break from flying back to back flights if the field is busy and give other members a chance to fly.

5.       Helicopter and small 3D foamy pilots; If the field is busy, please do not hover over the runway for long extended periods of time. (i.e. practice hovering) You may use the southwest corner of the field for hovering in place during busy flying times. Following the flight pattern with use of Helicopter and 3D foamy aircraft is acceptable.

6.       Treat your field and the surrounding area with utmost respect. This includes the parking lot, the field, the crops, and the buildings. Please do not leave garbage at the field.  We are guests; let’s be gracious ones.





1.       The Grassfield RC Club welcomes all spectators during normal flying hours.  Members, please be courteous to spectators.  If possible, please try to greet them and answer any questions. 

2.       Spectators are not permitted to walk out on the field or walk past the wire fence in front of the pit area, unless accompanied by a club member. 


1.       Guest pilots must possess a valid AMA membership to be eligible to fly.

2.       Guest pilots must be accompanied with a club host.

3.       Guest pilots are allowed a maximum of two field visits.  (exception for events see below).

4.       Guest flyers who possess a valid AMA membership are welcome to attend Grassfield events, (which are posted on the Grassfield calendar) without the need to possess Grassfield membership.

5.       Guests who do not possess a valid AMA membership are not permitted to fly unless they fly with a qualified AMA instructor VIA a BUDDY BOX.  The instructor must be able to take control via the flip of a switch.  (Passing the radio back and forth is not permitted)

6.       Guests who fly using an FM Radio, please place your AMA membership card on the frequency board at the number which corresponds to your channel. 


Note: Violators of these rules may face revocation of club privileges. The Safety Officer has the responsibility to ensure safe flying at the field. If you have any questions, please contact the Safety Officer, Dan Peterson, at 612-290-7421.

Revised 04/03/2019